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Examples of help

The R. family faced a crisis when the 43 year old working father learned he had a mass on his kidney believed to be cancerous. With no health insurance, and having paid out-of-pocket for tests and consultation fees, he now had no money for the required surgery. Friends of Man assisted with $2,000, and the mass was removed. Even better news came when it was found to be benign!

Friends of Man has no religious or political affiliations.

Friends of Man
P.O. Box 937
Littleton, CO 80160-0937
(303) 798-2342


A Unique Charity

At Friends of Man, every dollar contributed by donors goes directly to aid individuals and families in need of assistance. Friends of Man was founded to provide donors with the opportunity to have 100% of their gift used for charitable purposes. No money whatsoever is taken out for administrative expenses - and there are no salaries. How is this done? All operating expenses of the charity are paid by the volunteers through their donations to the Institute for the New Man. That's why all charitable contributions to Friends of Man are used 100% — dollar for dollar — to help those in need.

How Friends of Man Works

Referring Professionals (health care and social workers, clergy, counselors, teachers, etc.) submit applications on behalf of people in need of assistance. Applications are accepted only from referring professionals. Friends of Man carefully considers all applications, referring to the federal poverty guidelines as well as all the information required on our application. If the request is approved, Friends of Man pays the vendor for the needed items or services.

What Friends of Man Does

Friends of Man helps people of all ages with a large variety of needs in Colorado, and limited types of needs in other states.