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At Friends of Man we are a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt charity using 100% of donations for charitable assistance. We work through Referring Professionals (caseworkers, case managers, healthcare workers, social workers, school counselors, teachers, clergy) who apply on behalf of their patients and clients needing mobility equipment, prosthetics, glasses, dentures, hearing aids, and much more!

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Need assistance for a client, patient, student, who is in a situation with nowhere else to turn? Friends of Man may be the answer.

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For Donors

Founded in 1982, Friends of Man is a unique charity providing assistance to people in need. 100% of donations are used for direct charitable assistance — and nothing else!

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Hearing Aids, $800

Dorothy R., 82, is a retired medical secretary living on her own on a limited Social Security income. Her doctor states that her general health is good, but her loss of hearing is causing difficulty.

Wheelchair Repair, $400

Bobby P., 79, served in the Navy and worked all his adult life. Now wheelchair bound, he still values his independence. When the motor failed on his electric wheelchair, he spent his days in bed, frustrated and declining in health. Friends of Man approved $400 towards the repair, and he’s up and around again!

Wheelchair Adaptation, Joystick, $1,000

Before being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis ten years ago, William M., 55, was host of a syndicated radio talk show. As the disease progressed, he became quadriplegic. He now uses a power wheelchair operated by a chin joystick, which needed replacement, and now he is able to get out of his bed and even take public transportation on his own. “The chair is me – it’s my legs, it’s my arms, it’s my freedom. Thanks to you, I have my freedom back.”

Corrective Helmets, $3,000

This young, working family couldn’t afford the corrective helmets that their 5-month-old twins, Hudson and Colton, needed when insurance coverage was denied.

Daycare, $1,500

Friends of Man assisted with $1,500 for daycare for Michelle’s three daughters during the period of her intensive and debilitating cancer treatment.

Van Accessibility, $3,000

Heylin, the daughter of a young working couple, was born deaf with multiple disabilities. Mrs. V. left her job because 24-hour care was needed. The family lives just above the poverty line supported by Mr. V.’s employment. Since Heylin is growing too heavy to lift, the family needed a wheelchair accessibility to transport her.

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