Friends of Man - a Work in Progress!

Becoming a Reality

At a gathering of friends in April of 1982, the conversation turned to the subject of charity. We had the wish to help others and had found that our individual experience of giving directly to someone in need, such as an elderly acquaintance, was effective and more fulfilling than supporting a large organization to do the giving for us. We believed that many other people must feel the same. So, the question arose, “Can we envision and create a charity that provides help directly to the person in need, and uses all donations 100% for this charitable assistance?”

The answer was, ‘Yes!’ and Friends of Man was born. The 100% Charity became a reality, using 100% of donations for charitable assistance with no money taken out for any administrative costs and expenses, which are paid by the volunteers.

Friends of Man helps people of all ages with a large variety of needs, including:

  • Hearing Aids
  • Eyeglasses
  • Dental
  • Mobility Equipment (Wheelchairs, Prostheses, Auto/Van Modifications, etc.)
  • Clothing
  • Daycare
  • Prescriptions
  • Medical Equipment
  • And More...

Go to "HOW WE HELP > People We’ve Helped" to learn more about how Friends of Man helps.

The Friends of Man Difference in a Nutshell

Friends of Man is not a typical charity -- and here are some of differences that make it unique:

  • 100% of donations are used only for charitable assistance
  • Everyone is a volunteer – no salaries whatsoever
  • Volunteers pay all administrative costs and expenses for operating the charity
  • No barrage of solicitations – we write donors only twice a year (or once upon request)
  • Donor information is strictly confidential – no sharing or selling of addresses
  • Careful screening of applications for financial need, and medical need when applicable
  • Vendor discounts requested so that donations go farther

In the last 20 years, thanks to the generosity of our donors, Friends of Man has provided assistance for 40,500 requests totaling $14 Million!

How to Donate

Our Volunteers

Fund-raising for Friends of Man consists of two Updates a year that we send to our donors. Volunteers design the mailing, pay for printing, mailing – and even do the assembly in-house!

40 Years! 1982-2022

During the last 40 years, Friends of Man has grown into an important charitable resource in Colorado and many other states. Our help to people in need who have no other recourse has been broad and extensive, including several Programs providing a large variety of assistance.


Today 25 volunteers work at Friends of Man, entering new cases on the computer, screening all requests carefully, speaking with referring professionals, doctors, vendors, applicants – in short, doing all the work required to bring about the desired result – helping people who are genuinely in need. And no one receives a salary or any compensation whatever!

Getting Recognized

Friends of Man was honored as being named the June 2019 Charity of the Month by the Better Business Bureau. Their video introducing Friends of Man can be viewed on YouTube.

Friends of Man has received many awards and recognition over the years which we have very much appreciated. In 1989 Friends of Man was selected to the Denver Post Charity of the Year. Articles were printed every week about a person whom we helped.

But the feedback that means the most to us are the letters of thanks that we receive from recipients about how our help has changed their lives. And we believe that this is what means the most to our donors, too – knowing that their charitable intent has been fulfilled – directly.

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