Our Mission

Mission Statement

Friends of Man was founded in 1982 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity with a double mission:

  1. To provide assistance to people of all ages who have genuine needs but can’t find help elsewhere, who ‘fall through the cracks’ of available charitable or governmental resources. To provide help to maintain self-sufficiency in times of difficulty, as well as assisting with disability and medical needs.
  2. To provide the donor with the opportunity to have 100% of his/her donation used for direct charitable assistance, with no money taken out for administrative cost and expenses. Friends of Man an all-volunteer charity with no one receiving a salary or any kind of compensation.

The 100% Charity

Friends of Man uses 100% of donations for charitable assistance. No money is taken out for administrative costs and expenses, which are paid by the volunteers through their donations to the Institute for the New Man.

The Institute for the New Man segregates its funds for the purpose of operating Friends of Man so that 100% of Friends of Man donations are reserved to pay for direct charitable assistance – and nothing else.

There are NO SALARIES!!

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