People We've Helped

Since 1998 (new computer system) until the end of 2018 Friends of Man has approved 37,481 requests totaling $14.5 Million! We could not have done this without the incredible generosity of our donors. Find out how you can donate.

Assistive Technology. $1,995

Joann M. is legally blind. Friends of Man helped her to purchase an OCR device (a video magnifier/camera that translates text to speech) to help her read mail, recipes, books, and bills.


Clothing. $100

This young mother needed clothing for job interviews after serving in the army for seven years and completing her VA education.


Nursing Home Holiday Gifts for 93 Residents. $2,335

Each year during the holidays, Friends of Man helps nursing home residents like these from Denver North Care Center with small items from their “wish lists,” from toiletries to clothing.


Daycare Supplement. $346

Leela supports the two grandchildren in her care and needed help with daycare during her working hours. Friends of Man helped her to cover her monthly difference.

Daycare. $1,800

Ms. F. needed daycare to continue to work while also caring for her one-year-old Jennifer’s seizure disorder. Friends of Man helped with three months of daycare.

Dental. $1,000

Larry H. is an Air Force veteran who served more than twenty years; then he worked as a truck driver before retiring. Friends of Man helped toward his needed dentures.


Food-Daycare. $800

This single father’s bills were piling up after kidney surgery. Friends of Man helped with toward food and daycare.


Ocular Prosthesis. $1,200

Teodoro’s previous ocular prosthesis was twenty years old, no longer fit, and constantly fell out while he was working as a laborer. Friends of Man helped toward a new one.


Glasses. $147

Richard K. works as a cook, though he had many setbacks due to illness and successfully transitioning out of homelessness. Friends of Man helped with glasses, which he needed to remain employed.


Hearing Aids. $700

Sondra H. suffered a traumatic brain injury, and then her hearing deteriorated, limiting her contacts and her only recreation: singing! Friends of Man assisted toward hearing aids.


Hearing Aids. $550

At seven months, Colton was diagnosed with bilateral hearing loss. His employed parents were recovering from layoffs at work. Friends of Man helped toward the aids.


Wheelchair Ramp. $500

Injured in an auto accident, Kevin is paraplegic but able to work. He moved to a house to accommodate his family, and Friends of Man assisted toward a ramp.


Stair Lift. $1,500

Janet writes: “Thank you for helping us get this stair lift in the midst of the difficult events of the last two years."


Medical Equipment. $400

Ernie L. needs oxygen 24/7. He’s active in the community and volunteers in schools. He needed lighter equipment to continue his activities. Friends of Man helped with a portable oxygen concentrator.


Custom Crutches. $400

Derek remains independent despite the pain and limitations of cerebral palsy. Friends of Man helped with the more durable crutches he needs to remain active.


Medical Equipment. $500

Joe J. had to retire when diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Friends of Man helped with a weighted vest that allows him to continue being active with volunteering and therapy.


Mobility Equipment. $1,500

Friends of Man helped with a Bioness footdrop device to help Heather G. walk. She writes: “MS has taken a lot of my independent self away. Thank you for making me feel human.”


Prosthesis. $2,200

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving our little boy the gift of walking!” John and Karen S. write. “Your generous gift made it possible for us to get little Jude’s prosthetic leg.”


Prosthesis. $3,000

Rene works as a mail processor, on his feet for long periods of time. His need for a prosthesis resulted from a gunshot wound when he fled his former country as a refugee.


Therapy. $2,000

Caroline, 5, has severe autism, and her family was financially depleted by their desperate efforts at early intervention. Friends of Man helped toward the therapy that successfully helps Caroline learn.


Therapy Camp. $500

“On behalf of our family and our son Drake who has Down syndrome, thank you for helping with $500 for the integrated therapy that Adam's Camp offers. We had an amazing experience.” — Kayla K.


Vehicle Hand Controls. $1,500

David D. was working and supporting his family until he was robbed and shot in his neck. Friends of Man assisted toward hand controls and a steering device so he could return to work.


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