Applying to Friends of Man - Step by Step

Below are the instructions for applying for help.

  1. Please read our Guidelines carefully for eligibility and payment policy. You will receive the Guidelines with our Application Form.
  2. We do not assist with back bills or any item that has already been ordered or received or work begun.
  3. Fill out application completely and legibly, preferably typed. Include details about the applicant’s background and present situation. Incomplete or illegible applications cannot be processed.
  4. Submit signed application by email or U.S. Mail, not fax.
  5. Screeners will send you additional questions or requests for further documentation.
  6. As soon as we have all needed information from you, the case will be decided at the weekly Disbursement Committee meeting. You, the vendor, and the applicant will be notified of the result.
  7. AFTER the approved item or service is successfully received by the applicant, the vendor and applicant sign our Agreement. The vendor emails or faxes the Agreement to Friends of Man.
  8. Upon receipt of the signed Agreement/Invoice, Friends of Man issues a check directly to the vendor.
  9. Finally, we hope that the applicant will send a thank-you note and possibly a digital photo to share with our Donors!
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General Assistance

Helps people of all ages in Colorado with a large variety of needs. Assists people who live outside of Colorado with a limited range of needs.

General Transplant

Assists people having organ transplants in Colorado with ancillary needs.

Transplant Medication

Assists people who can’t afford on-going post-transplant medication.

Single Parents Empowered

One-time assistance to employed single parents in Colorado who are experiencing a crisis which threatens their continued independence. Ask for SPE application and guidelines in Type of Assistance when you request our application.

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